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Zip's Massage Therapy Case Study

This is Zip.  He is a 21 year old and has been on stall rest for about 10 weeks due to a tear in is his deep digital flexit tendon.

He is responding very well and is relaxed while Trishia is providing the massage therapy to release the knots that have formed due to his whole body's reaction to the injury.

Zips Pastern Massage

Addressing the muscles and bones above the pastern up to the knee with careful Neuromuscular Dissection technique.  The torn ligament is under his pastern down to the coffin bone.

Zip's Rear Massage Therapy

Zip's Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy

Zip Out In The Pasture . Full Recovered

Note the pain free movement of right front pastern.  Zip is so happy and exuberant after 9 months of solid stable rest/therapy and MYO-Manipulative Functional Massage provided by Trisha.

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